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The non–profit organisation “Radi Vidi Pats” was founded on 4th of July 2005 with the goal to create and implement high-quality activities for people from Liepaja and Kurzeme. At a time when a large part of the opportunities were centered in Riga, “Radi Vidi Pats” activists with their own initiatives, involvement in international projects and fundraising created the conditions, which encouraged local young people to realise their ideas, grow, experience and invest this experience back in their local community.

The organisation of camps and training has been implemented since 2006.

Since 2007, local projects have been implemented:

- Project of the Youth Initiative on Promoting Foster Families: A person is not a Lonely Island

- “Different sounds of the wind in the path of the rhythm” (Cita vēja skaņa ritma takā”) - DJ, percutaneous and hip-hop workshops for young people in Liepaja.

- “Upeņu Your mind” - blackcurrant path in Sabile on the third week of July;

“Vides Māja”, a communal-type lifestyle based on green initiative and self-responsibility, by developing local and international activities;


- Youth Initiative project – creative workshops on green lifestyles and recycling workshops “Do it green”;


- Freak bike building workshop “Boltik Baik”;


- “Different kitchen for your CV” - an inclusive project for young people who do not study or work;


- the “Radi Brīvprātigo Pats” training cycle;


Training cycle  - “Radi Biedru Pats”;


- “Nakts Velo Rats” - Friday night cycle trips around Liepaja;


- “Nakts Kino Rats” - the Friday night cycle with a film at the end;


- “Backyard Velo Circle” - endurance velo championship around the Juliana courtyard with the duration of 12 hours;


- “Radi Dāvanu Pats” - creative recycling workshops for gift making;


- “Less Waste -- > Moore Space” - Solidarity project on the lifestyle of ZeroWaste or zero waste;

Big Help - six-month project manager's assistant vacancy for a young woman from Liepaja 

- “Pastāvēs, kas kustēsies” - a mix of activities, cooking lessons and other educational activities aimed at strengthening society and expanding the range of activities;


-  “Sdos nu smugeizon” – the Solidarity Corps project, which helps young people to acquire new skills in prison, while those in custody share their skills and knowledge with young people who are not in prison;


- “Radi Liepāju Pats” a project for promoting democracy culture in Liepaja, testing various methods for strengthening public awareness.